Highest Dedication
to Craftmanship

Manufactured using recycled materials and to industry leading standards Road Mode products will give you access where others can’t.

Based on the Central Coast of NSW Road Mode ™ Australia and its parent companies have been in operation for almost 40 years supplying solutions across the construction/infrastructure, mining, medical, and food industries, both here in Australia and throughout the world and have become the #1 supplier of heavy duty, customised, plastic products to industry.

Our TERRA FIRMA ® range of recycled (and recyclable) Outrigger Pads (OZ Pads) and Reusable Temporary Road Solutions (OZ Mats) have been designed to an industry leading Master Batch PE 1000 standard that can withstand the many rigours of a tough construction environment including the ability to accommodate steel track vehicles to a weight of 120 tonnes, as well as offering lighter weight options for smaller vehicles and pedestrians.

Our range of OZ Pads are available in a variety of sizes and can also be tailored to your company’s specific needs and requirements, including colour, finish, and size. Coupled with our OZ Mat range there is no longer reason for a company to not access sites and complete the necessary works within the required timeframes, and within budget.

For more information visit our website www.roadmode.com.au or call us on (02) 4336 1001.

China Office Inspection

Our unique ability to handle product evaluation, shipping, factory inspections and our successful track record dealing with customers such as Tesco PLC makes us an ideal partner. Large companies require stability in the supply chain, consistency in product quality, on time deliveries and continuing product development proposals. Our office situated in Guangdong province is well placed for these services and adds additional value for our customers.

Our staff in Guangzhou will travel to the factory to check each loading and verify the seal of the container. Recording of the batch number and visual inspection of the goods. Also inspection of the container to make sure it is in a clean condition to minimise any hold ups in port by authorities.

Our own freight people handle the collection and shipping of containers to ports so we guarantee no “Trans Shipping” for best service.