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Ground protection is paramount in big construction operations. Keeping the ground in good condition has benefits beyond being able to drive heavy machinery in and out of a site. There are safety challenges on every site and providing a temporary roadway is a vital step towards keeping the workforce safe.

Manufactured to exacting standards our HDPE mats will outlast even the toughest application.

We use a TERRA FIRMA master batch of PE1000. This has 11 times the impact resistance of PE500 and up to 4 times more abrasive resistance.

3000X2500 mm

Weight 295kg

Usable surface area 7.5m2


Weight 351kg

Usable surface area 9m2

Customised thickness available although we offer a standard thickness of 38mm body with 4&6mm cleats back and front
Cleat Height: 4&6mm
Weight Loading: Depending on ground surface but can take up to 120tons with flat load on flat supported surface.
Material: HDPE material
Colour: Black as standard but if you want colours please ask
Joining: Metal joining system available

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We Supply Quality Bog Mats for Your Projects

Bog mats are temporary solutions for construction sites, sporting events, and other terrains that have to provide access to heavy machinery. When you consider the weight of these vehicles, they can cause damage to the existing surface which highlights the need for an interim solution. Road Mode is an industry leader that supplies bog mats for cranes. In keeping with our eco-friendly approach, our products contain 100 percent recycled materials.

Benefits of Using Bog Mats in Australia

Contractors and other companies working in sensitive areas must take the necessary steps to protect their immediate surroundings. Bog mats are the ideal coverage to protect the ground when heavy machinery and other construction vehicles access a site.

  • If you’re hosting an event that requires cars to park on the grass, you can use laid-out bog mats to protect the surface. The same principle applies to construction sites and vehicles. Furthermore, having the bog mats in place offers a direct pathway for vehicles to travel on, ensuring that you keep a particular order and avoid chaos.
  • Apart from vehicles causing damage to grass at a venue, bog mats serve a similar purpose for pedestrians. If there is a formal event that you’re hosting at a venue with an overwhelming presence of sand and grass, you require bog mats. Rain turns the sand into mud, and nobody wants to ruin their clothing or shoes while accessing the venue. Laying down bog mats offers guests a safe and stable route to walk to the function room and back to their vehicles. Additionally, bog mats serve a dual purpose as a stable and non-slip dance floor.
  • Sometimes construction sites are difficult to access, and other elements could worsen the situation, making it impossible for vehicles to deliver essential items. However, putting down bog mats provides a safe route for various vehicles that require access to the construction site during the project. Consequently, you avoid the situation of cars becoming stuck in muddy terrain.
ground protection mat

What to Expect from Road Mode Regarding Bog Mats for Sale

We’ve become the number one supplier of heavy-duty, customised, plastic products to various industries over the years of our existence.

  • We understand the importance of ground protection for construction projects and, for this reason, provide bog mats that meet a particular standard to withstand the most challenging application.
  • The TERRA FIRMA MasterBatch PE 1000 has 11 times the impact resistance of the PE 500 and is up to four times more abrasive resistant. It can accommodate steel track vehicles up to 120 tonnes while offering lighter weight options for pedestrians and smaller vehicles.
  • You can find construction mats of various sizes in our online store, but we can tailor them to your specific colour and finish requirements. We offer a standard thickness of 38 millimetres, although we can customise them as well.

Protect the Ground at Your Construction Site with a Grass Mat

Also known as a grass mat or temporary road surface, you may require a ground protection mat to protect an area of grass or another type of ground from heavy equipment. These temporary mats are heavy-duty tonnage pads for use with heavy machinery, such as cranes, or at sporting and event grounds to protect the terrain from heavy foot traffic. Road Mode provides these ground mats for businesses throughout Australia to keep sites in good condition and the workforce safe.

Benefits of Ground Mats for Heavy Equipment

If you’re on the fence about whether you need grass protection mats or not, considering their many benefits may help you decide.

  • Adaptable. A ground mat is adjustable to various weather conditions, which means that it is safe for use in wet or cold areas. You can still get the job done without having to worry about damage to the ground below, even when it’s soaking wet.
  • Easy to clean. These mats are incredibly low-maintenance. It’s easy to clean away dirt, sand, or gravel and return to its original condition. They’ll also last a long time with very minimal care.
  • Slip-resistant. Ground protection mats are non-slip by nature, allowing them to provide a stable grip for vehicles and pedestrians, even in rainy weather. These mats offer plenty of traction and a safe work surface for your site.
  • Durable. Heavy-duty ground mats are made to withstand the stress of even the heaviest equipment, from trucks to cranes. Go ahead and haul heavy loads – your pads are made of durable, high-density materials and will handle even the most strenuous jobs.
  • They help protect the environment. It’s essential to consider the environmental impacts of any construction project. Industrial matting products create an effective barrier that can protect sensitive terrains, minimising ground disturbance from heavy equipment or foot traffic. They can also help prevent soil contamination in agriculture settings and promote fast recovery of the land post-project.

Signs You Should Invest in Ground Mats

Ground protection mats are essential components of many different types of job sites. If you have an upcoming construction or other projects, you may need this temporary ground protection. Here are a few of the different types of sites that will likely require these mats.

  • Wet and muddy sites. Being affected continuously by water makes any construction project more challenging. Not only is mud messy, but it makes the work slower and more difficult, resulting in delays and hazardous working conditions. A ground mat can help keep your workers and equipment clean and dry and will wipe down easily.
  • Dry and sandy sites. Shifting, blowing sand can also wreak havoc on people and construction equipment. Ground protection mats are ideal for granular soils because they trap the sand and keep it from getting into everything. The right pad won’t break or flex under heavy loads and will prevent sinking while minimising blowing sand.
  • Environmentally sensitive sites. If your site happens to be located in an ecologically sensitive zone, such as a coastal area, damaging the ground could cost you quite a bit in fees (not to mention your business reputation). Protecting the land with construction mats can help you “leave no trace” by creating access roads as needed and preventing damage from chemical spills.
OZ Mat - RM-E00

What to Expect from Road Mode Regarding Ground Protection

Road Mode provides ground mats made with recycled materials to meet or exceed industry standards, giving you access where others can’t. Here are a few of the things you can expect when you work with us.

  • Experience. We have been in operation for nearly 40 years, supplying ground protection and other solutions across the construction, mining, food, and medical industries both here in Australia and around the world. In fact, we have earned our spot as the #1 supplier of customised, heavy-duty plastic products to the industry.
  • Standards. Our range of recycled and recyclable ground mats and road solutions are designed and manufactured to the Master Batch PE 1000 standard, which means that you can count on them to withstand the rigours of a construction environment. These mats can accommodate steel track vehicles up to 1000 tonnes with ease – or choose from our lighter-weight options for pedestrians and smaller vehicles.
  • Customisation. Our mats are available in a range of sizes to suit your needs – and we can also tailor a bespoke solution for your company’s specific requirements, including size, colour, and finish. There’s no reason for you to be unable to access your sites – our ground mats empower you to complete the work on time and within budget.
  • China office inspection. Our office in Guangdong allows us to provide important services such as product evaluation, shipping, and factory inspections for customers such as Tesco PLC. We understand the need for stability in the supply chain for large companies, focusing on consistency, timeliness, and continuing technological advancements.

Track Mats

It’s no secret that Australia is home to conditions that can make the operation of heavy machinery a particular challenge. Still, appropriate solutions such as track mats let your teams go where they need to be. Designed to offer protection to the local ground conditions, your equipment, and working personnel all at once, fixed track mats provide an important array of benefits. At Road Mode, we have more than four decades of experience providing temporary road solutions and related safety products for the construction industry. From small projects to major job sites, these mats can play a critical role in operations of any size. Whether you’re searching for a solution for the first time or you need a more effective and durable option, Road Mode can connect you with the right hardware. Consider the advantages of using our plastic mats on your site.

The Benefits of Heavy Duty Track Mats from Road Mode

OZ Mat – RM-P01

Made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), we’ve designed our track mats to be easy to set up at the start of a job and to remove again at the end. The key benefits we’ve built into our Oz Mats line include:

  • They are large and easy to deploy. With two different sizes, we’ve made it straightforward to design a temporary road solution that you can set up quickly so equipment can begin moving.
  • Robust durability. Made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), these mats and our outrigger pads have an extremely long service life and continue to perform even after years of having heavy trucks drive over them.
  • An impressive weight capacity, making them suitable for supporting all kinds of heavy-duty equipment moving throughout the job site. On regular ground conditions, our mats can handle loads of up to 120 tonnes.

What to Expect from Road Mode Regarding Plastic Track Mats

The quality of the Oz Mat speaks for itself. Why should you choose to work with Road Mode to acquire this important supporting equipment for your site? Here’s what our team brings to the table:

  • End-to-end support to ensure you receive the products most suited to your needs. For example, we coordinate with our clients to tailor the thickness of the mats to the conditions you’ll most likely encounter.
  • We employ rigorous quality control procedures and keep a close eye on the manufacturing process. Not only do we communicate clearly at every step of the way, but we also strive for fast delivery times.
  • Need support for some kind of customisation option? We can provide you with a few choices, including various colours for those who have a particular preference. Ask about how we can help.

Why Road Mode is a Cost-Effective Resource

Deploying heavy-duty plastic mats does more than provide your machinery a way to move about the job site more easily. By protecting the ground surface itself, you avoid the possibility of weather creating impassable conditions. Simultaneously, the finishing touches of a job are much easier when you do not need to repair the ground surface around a new structure or installation. Oz Mats save time, make your work safer, and last for years even under tough conditions. Learn more today.